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Favorite Hikes in Rhode Island Area

Favorite Hikes Nomination List is complete – What a long strange hike it’s been … Anywho, the list is complete. (See link below)

It’s arranged in two sections: map and list. Because of my limited programming skills, the map and list are not linked. So, if you click a map icon, you will get additional information about that hike. However, the list is not linked to the map icons, so if you want additional information about a hike in the list, use the map icon index column to locate the map icon. Once located, click the map icon for more information.

The hikes are categorized:

Hiking Trail – Named trail like Ben Utter or Vin Gormley

Hiking Trail System – Many trails (marked and unmarked) within a specified area such as Arcadia, Tillinghast or Parker Woodland.

Unmarked Trail System – Hiking areas such as Big River, Diamond Hill West or Lincoln Woods.

Hopefully, I’ll receive feedback. All suggestions/comments/complaints are welcome.

Once the list has been vetted, we’ll start voting in two categories:

Top Hiking Areas
Top Hiking Trails

Look-See RI – Alternative RhodeScapes

Look-See RI is a guide to alternative RhodeScapes. RhodeScapes consist of landscapes, wildlife, stone walls, foundations, streams, dams, ruins, relics, remnants, historic cemeteries, monuments, memorials and markers. RhodeScapes are enhanced with maps, hikes and history. Check out the various Facebook pages dedicated to enhancing your RhodeScape experience. Come in and take a look-see!