Favorite Hikes in Rhode Island Area

Favorite Hikes Nomination List is complete – What a long strange hike it’s been … Anywho, the list is complete. (See link below)

It’s arranged in two sections: map and list. Because of my limited programming skills, the map and list are not linked. So, if you click a map icon, you will get additional information about that hike. However, the list is not linked to the map icons, so if you want additional information about a hike in the list, use the map icon index column to locate the map icon. Once located, click the map icon for more information.

The hikes are categorized:

Hiking Trail – Named trail like Ben Utter or Vin Gormley

Hiking Trail System – Many trails (marked and unmarked) within a specified area such as Arcadia, Tillinghast or Parker Woodland.

Unmarked Trail System – Hiking areas such as Big River, Diamond Hill West or Lincoln Woods.

Hopefully, I’ll receive feedback. All suggestions/comments/complaints are welcome.

Once the list has been vetted, we’ll start voting in two categories:

Top Hiking Areas
Top Hiking Trails


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